Chardon was incorporated in the year of 1988 as a garments wholesaler for men in Kuala Lumpur. The garments with the brand name of Chardon are distributed to more than 200 retail shops and men stores nationwide in Malaysia inclusive of Sabah and Sarawak.

With the overwhelming response from ourcustomers in our good quality and up to date fashion of garments, our company further expands from the business of wholesaleof 2001. To date, we have several retail shops in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. As part of our expansion plan, we are looking excitingly to add more shops in prime spots of the main shopping malls. We will continue to multiply our presence with every new location in Malaysia.

Vision And Goals

Our vision and goals is to make our brand name “Chardon” as a well-known brand in Malaysia. In order to achieve this, we are looking for fresh ideas of current fashion trends and create our own quality merchandise at a competitive price under the brand name of “Chardon” for our shoppers.

Target market

Our target customers range from style-conscious young generation, outgoing, casual and leisure, white collar working generation to middle aged men.


The range of clothing that we offered is at a reasonable and competitive price. Shoppers can find good quality garments yet reasonable price in our shops. Based on the point of view that the shoppers nowadays are creative in pursuing their personal clothing taste and rapidly changing their clothing fashion, thus, we provide up to date fashion, always changing and in style of the current trend at a competitive price. Our products are priced from as low as RM 9.90 for basic t-shirts to RM 199 for sweaters and jackets.


In the fashion industry, styles and trends are changing rapidly. Therefore, we have fashion team to always keeping ourselves aware of the latest fashion trend by exploring fashion magazines and websites, visiting new stores and observing the day-to-day fashion of the people on the street. By having all those ideas, we will self-design and engage with reputable manufacturer to produce the clothing follows the market trend at a competitive price and in high quality which allows the customers to feel comfortable and confident by wearing our clothing .

On the other hand, customers are asking more than values of a purchase which includes window display, interior design, ambience, before-and-after sales services. Due to this reason, we also invest in decorating our shops with attractive look and comfortable shopping environment. We also put particular emphasis on store appeal and visual merchandising in maintaining each store’s appearance and condition. All these effort are made to ensure every store is a pleasing environment for both customers and employees.

In addition, we also train our promoters to equip with friendly and courtesy manner to our customers. This will ensure that we provide good customer service to our customers. We will periodically check and assess our performance, gathering customer feedback in order to improve and bring our company to better advancement .